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Social norms about health, health care, and medicine:
Broadening the context for the national health care debate
Chauncey Conference Center, Princeton, NJ
July 24-26, 2008



(posted in order received)

1. View File - The community of the self. Timothy G. Buchman.

2. View File - The Dynamics and Dilemmas of Collective Action. Douglas D. Heckathorn.

3. View File - AIDS Prevention Outreach among Injection Drug Users: Agency Problems and New Approaches. Robert S. Broadhead and Douglas D. Heckathorn.

4. View Website - Aggressive medical care: Ratings, how to choose. Consumer Reports.

5. View File - Market-Based Failure — A Second Opinion on U.S. Health Care Costs. Robert Kuttner.

6. View File - Tier 4 Drugs and the Fraying of the Social Compact. Thomas H. Lee, M.D., and Ezekiel J. Emanuel.

7. View File - Why Thinking You Got A Workout May Make Your Body Healthier. Sharon Begley.

8. View File - More Expensive Placebos Bring More Relief. Benedict Carey.

9. View File - Persuasion and attitude change. Richard E. Petty, S. Christian Wheeler, Zakary L.Tormala

10. View File - What Works Best: Objective Statistics or a Personal Testimonial? An Assessment of the Persuasive Effects of Different Types of Message Evidence on Risk Perception. John B. F. de Wit.

11. View File - The Constructive, Destructive, and Reconstructive Power of Social Norms. P. Wesley Schultz, Jessica M. Nolan, Robert B. Cialdini, Noah J. Goldstein, and Vladas Griskevicius.

12. View File - The Theory of Reasoned Action and the Role of External Factors on Heterosexual Men’s Monogamy and Condom Use. Blair Beadnell and Sharon A. Baker, Mary Rogers Gillmore, Diane M. Morrison, Bu Huang, and Sorrel Stielstra.


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